Albert Howard Higginbottom was a fascinating man in so many ways – from his vast collection of Japanese art which he donated to the Laing Art Gallery in 1919, to the large chain of pubs he owned in and around the Newcastle area during his lifetime. He was a productive and inexhaustible man who created his own independent bottling company, producing the much loved Higginbottom ‘Club Blend’.

A.H. Higginbottom was my Great-Great-Grandfather and, having worked in the wine and spirits industry for 20 years myself, I was delighted to discover that hidden within his extensive legacy was the Higginbottom Bottling Company.

The Higginbottom ‘Club Blend’ was first born in Newcastle in 1877. Now, 140 years after its original release, ‘The Higginbottom’ brand name has been revived. We have taken the emblem found on Albert’s old business card holder as our logo and the name of our bottling business. Today, I am proud to introduce HAH Whisky and continue this family legacy.